The Agony of Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is a wonderful day to celebrate motherhood.  Kids give Mom cards and the whole family goes out to eat together.  Moms look at their kids of all ages and give thanks for the wonderful souls that they were blessed with.  If you are a woman over 40 trying to get pregnant and longing for a child of your own, this wonderful day can be nothing short of agony.

I remember going out to eat with my own Mom and getting the “Happy Mother’s Day!” from the waiter.  He didn’t know that deep inside I was ready to cry because I WASN’T a Mom.   There are countless women over 40 out there trying to get pregnant and wishing they had a child to celebrate Mother’s Day with.  Most people outside of this circle have no idea the pain this day can bring.  I don’t think there are many women over 40 who make a big deal out of this except maybe to their spouse or their closest friends.  Society isn’t exceptionally empathetic to us as a group.

This isn’t a long post because there really isn’t much more to say except that, if you are a woman over 40 trying to have a baby, I know how you feel and I am sending you love and baby blessings.   If you know someone who is trying to get pregnant, maybe you can give them a hug or a flower on Mother’s Day to let them know that you love them and are giving them support.  Even if they don’t show it, Mother’s Day is one of the worst days of the year for women trying to get pregnant over 40.


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