Inspired by Halle Berry’s Pregnancy over 40? What You Should Know.

Halle Berry recently announced her second pregnancy at age 46.  She said that is was the surprise of her life and that she didn’t think pregnancy was possible for her any longer. breaks down some of the thinking about pregnancy over 40 and gives women lots to consider.   One of the points they make is that women in their late 30’s should not delay trying to have a baby because they think it will be easy or even possible in their 40’s.  As many of you know, I conceived my baby at age 44 and delivered a healthy baby girl at age 45.  This was after over a decade of trying to get pregnant and finally consulting with a Reproductive Endocrinologist who helped diagnose my problem.  I quickly conceived my daughter within 6 months.

Read through this article on fertility over 40 to get some good information.  Always remember, however, that women over 40 get pregnant every day.  It is not easy but it is also not impossible.  Baby blessings!

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