Pregnancy over 40

Are you afraid you might never be able to get pregnant over 40? I was, especially after losing my first baby at age 44 to a miscarriage

When I was younger, I assumed getting pregnant was supposed to come naturally.   It didn’t by a long shot.

Does this sound like you?   You want a baby of your own.  You have spent years in your career and now realize you need to try to have a baby NOW. Maybe you thought you would meet and marry the right man and then have kids. You never found him and now you’re over 40. He never showed up.

Pregnant over 40 with my daughter, Alexandra
My daughter, Alexandra, right after she was born

Lots of other women have gotten pregnant over 40– why not you?

This is not a story about extreme trauma and loss but one of perseverance and hope. I have not been through IVF or anything more invasive than IUI. I don’t have a story of extreme devastation to tell. I had heartache and miscarriage, but got pregnant and had a healthy baby at 45.
More and more women over 40 are getting pregnant. In fact, the birth rate for pregnancy over 40 is increasing faster than any other group including teenage pregnancy.

I was very lucky at age 44 to get pregnant 2 out of 4 IUI cycles, but you could be too.

The odds of my conceiving were 3% according to medical science, yet I got pregnant over 40  2 out of 4 tries. Read how medical expertise helped me correct the problem that had probably been preventing me from getting pregnant for over 15 years. I also learned what I needed to do to give myself the best chance of conceiving. You can too.

Learn the keys to improving your odds of getting pregnant over 40
Give yourself every advantage while you are trying to conceive. Learn the keys to preparing yourself physically, mentally and emotionally. Did you know that stress can impact fertility? We walk you through the details, help you evaluate your situation, and give you potential solutions to consider.
Get inspired by reading what it took for me to finally get pregnant at 44.  Learn about the testing that you will probably have to go through. Read thought provoking sections like:

• “Becoming our Infertility”,
• “Are you too old to have a baby” and
• “Do You Have Enough Good Eggs: Ovarian Reserve Testing”.

I’ve dedicated myself to helping other women learn how to prepare themselves for trying to have a baby over 40.   I wish I had found a book like Who Else Wants to Have a Baby over 40? when I was going through testing, miscarriage, pregnancy and delivery.  It would have helped me understand what might happen next, how another woman dealt with it, and what I might be able to do.  Order our e book now!   (Once your order is processed, you will receive a download link and will have your e book immediately!  Sorry – the book is not currently available in hard copy.)  You will find yourself going back to the book again and again.   Good luck and blessings on your journey!

P.S. If you are not absolutely delighted with my book, I will happily refund the full purchase price within 30 days!

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