Pregnancy over 40. How about pregnancy over 50?

My little AJ.  She is now 6!
My little AJ. She is now 6!

When I first started this website, I had just given birth to my beautiful daughter, AJ, at age 45. (You can read our story in our book featured on the sidebar). She has been the absolute blessing of my life and has changed and enriched me in ways I could never have imagined. Now that she is 6, the concept of having another child is very appealing to both of us. But at the age of 51, it seems daunting. Not because I don’t believe that I could conceive; but because of concerns about the health of the child. I didn’t worry about this much when I conceived AJ because I had a knowing that she was to be. Having said that, I also went through every means to try to have a healthy baby and every test available to make sure she was healthy. She was and is!

When AJ was just 2, we met a woman who was looking for a new house and driving on our culdesac. She stopped to talk and we became friends. I later learned that she had conceived her tiny daughter at age 50. When we moved to Colorado, I met a woman at the pool during AJ’s swim lessons who had conceived at 44 and was fully confident that she could do it again over 50. I spoke with a female physician recently who is age 50 and planning to conceive with eggs she has had frozen. She is very confident that she can do it.

I didn’t seek out these women but met them by happenstance. This has made me ponder how many women in the 40’s and 50’s are having babies every day without fanfare. I am constantly amazed at the women I meet and talk with who have babies over 40. They are a truly wonderful and inspirational.

Should I try again? Right now, I don’t think so. But I know there are other women who are making a different choice.

Blessings to all moms and babies out there, over 40 moms, under 40 moms, and over 50 moms!!!

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